Grey Plaid Cherry.T Wrap

Grey Plaid Cherry.T Wrap


These extra-long wraps are perfect for tying that Classic well know Liz Taylor Turban Style, they are designed for comfort and versatility.

Wraps are 100% Cotton, double sided and fully machine washable.

Measuring approx. 184cm x 20cm.

Cherry.T Wraps are so versatile and there is NO rule to tying.... but I have popped a short “How I Like to Tie” on my Instagram just in the top highlights BUT remember there really are no rules.... Just have fun

PLEASE NOTE: These are extra-long cotton wraps that require you to tie them, they are NOT

already sewn into the turban shape.

Colours may slightly differ due to photography

Pictures are taken on a mannequin head so sizing and shape will slightly differ when tied.


    100% Cotton

    Handmade and Machine Washable

    Items cannot be returned or refunded for change of mind


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