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Let's talk about sharing

When I first started my website I was told I needed a blog....I am still not sure why but I did it......for a while.

I later decided this was a waste of time because like a lot of things in life lately I felt like they go unnoticed because people can make you feel unimportant and unnoticed, so I canned the blog and left feeling defeated....Well guess what, I now realise those people are definitely not any better than you and I, and we deserve to stand out too!

So Lets get this blog back up and started.....

Before I start, this is not just about me, it's about everyone who is trying to make a go of it and get their pages out there...and I'm not pointing the finger at anyone in particular because I know we all see things from different points of view and this is mine.

Come on.....How many of you go somewhere and are made feel like you are not important enough to be included or there is that one person or group of people that swallow up the spotlight and sometimes not in a good way.

Well you're not alone, I've experienced that feeling a couple of times over my years of marketing whether it be unintentional or not. I usually try to ignore it because if you know me, you know I'm easy to get along with and don't go out of my way to be the center of attention....

OMG I've had people in my stall say can I take your pic and I say, oh there are more lovely ladies out there to take pics of....that is just me.

When all this Covid stuff started it was hard for us all on Facebook and still is, but I never complained about not selling or not marketing because I knew how many of us were in the same situation.

As the weeks passed I saw more and more people sending out please share us and please like us status stuff, tagging etc....I used to be a big sharer of other pages over the years but I STOPPED because I also believe you should do the same in return. When all this tagging and please share started I sat down and went to some of these pages and guess what.....some of these people hadn't even ever liked mine.

Come on fair is fair.....or is it anymore?

Recently has been a hard time for me, and I have struggled with no social interaction which probably makes things seem worse....but I see people who have shopped with me and shopped with others share and tag those other pages and not mine....I said to Brian the other weekend after seeing this....what is wrong with me and my items...why don't people ever tag me??

Insecurity can appear out of nowhere sometimes and it is not a nice feeling........

But let me say that I DO have some Fabulous customers that do take the time to tag me and I truly appreciate that...THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU !!!

Also on another note I DO understand that not everyone takes selfies of what they have bought......OMG.... believe me I an a true hater of having to take usually takes me 100 pics to get 1 good one I actually

So see...Like I said Insecurity can appear out of nowhere for no happens to all of is normal yes but no it is not a nice feeling.

I know I shouldn't be feeling that way about something that I love.....and I am sure this happens to all of us, I know it just can't be me.....

Anyway that is how I have felt about everything throughout this Covid craziness and I wanted to share it even if I am talking to just myself....sometimes saying what you think or feel can be that one thing that helps another.

I am not about to give up on my Fabulous little page, this is my love, my lifestyle and part of me but I did want to share this so if you are feeling the same about something import to you, you don't have to give up.

We are all in this together whether it feels like it or not.


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