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I am definitely No Pinup Queen

Something I get asked a lot is why I don't join in the pin up pageants when people talk to me at the markets...well that side of the rockabillly/retro scene doesn't interest me..but I do love to see these gorgeous girls dressed up and have a lot of admiration for them...they rock!! 😍

My love is Vintage/Retro when it comes to the clothing and lifestyle, and if you know me you will know that we love to collect anything Retro and Vintage for our house, so op shopping is my biggest LOVE.

What you see me wear to the markets is what I wear everyday at home, on weekends and out and about shopping, I never feel dressed up really 😊

Goodness.....for me I guess getting up there on the catwalk would be like going shopping....wait I may enjoy that 😉

Quite a few years ago we did a trip to visit beautiful Townsville and had some Pinup photos done while we were there with the lovely Miss Scarlett Imagery.


These Fabulous pics were and probably will be my only pin up style pageant I do 😉

I think I will just stick to my everyday style, popping up at car shows and leave the Pinup Parades to the Beautiful Girls who love it....I am definitely NO Beauty Queen.

Miss Cherry Bay


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