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A Few of my Favourite things

Seeing my first Blog post was about sharing, I thought I would share a few of my Favourite things, that is anything Retro/Vintage and Op Shopping!!!

This pic was taken at Greazefest and I LOVE this dress, found it in an op shop in Melbourne, can't remember the name of the shop 🤔🤔

The thing with most Retro/Vintage dresses from that era is that they are nearly all polyester or nylon so this is quite sheer and needs to be worn with a slip. I actually have my hair out for a change in this pic....I am a huge turban wrap wearer 😍😍 My Shoes are Miz Moo shoes and I was lucky enough to find them at an op shop 👠.....Bargain!!!!

Now this little Red number is an absolute Favorite of mine and I have had it for a long time.....I got this Gorgeous little Retro dress from the lovely Deb at "Forever Bee" can you not be happy wearing RED!!

Yep you can see I wore this a

lot at the markets....Love Love Love 💖

Here I am with my eyes shut...looking absolutely

Now Op Shopping....I absolutely love to op shop. We are big collectors for our home so are always on the look out. I have met some fabulous people through my page and at the markets who often tag me or give me goodies, one time in Hervey Bay a gorgeous older gentleman bought me down his original Wooden Ironing board....his wife made him buy a new one and he thought I might like it...I loved it and we still have it.

Now check these chairs out, found at the Recycle centre and just needed a good living the Fabulous life on our deck.

And OMG moment when driving into town we came across this on the side of the road with a free sign...yes yes yes...don't mind if I do. Needed a lot of love and care but will live an even longer life now in our Fabulous home.

Anyways enough about me for now as I think you get the gist that I love anything and everything Retro/Vintage 💕


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